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芝商所专业农产品调研机构Arcadia Agri合作,为您免费提供全球农产品的策略周报,涵盖芝商所旗下CBOT玉米,大豆,豆粕,豆油及小麦等主导产品。


About Arcadia Agri

Arcadia Agri is an innovative risk management company providing solutions that are tailored for your needs using Over-the-Counter (OTC) structures in the Agricultural Commodities market. They are a one stop service provider for offering tools for hedging, risk management and exposure monitoring, to help you weather the volatile markets.

Their services combine the innovation, flexibility, responsiveness and focus of a boutique firm while simultaneously being equipped with the processes, systems and technology which are similar to the major financial players.

Arcadia’s dedicated team consists of experienced sales and structuring professionals with a background in the physical market combined with experience of the financial markets. Their bespoke structures are crafted according to your business needs and margin expectations. Clients are freed from the obligations to embed hedging with physical trade deals. Instead, they work closely with their clients to provide a consultancy based service approach where they offer advice and financing while they partner up through the complete Risk Management lifecycle.

Work together with them and for more information, visit www.arcadia-agri.com

Arcadia Agri 是一家创新型风险管理公司,使用农产品市场的场外交易 (OTC) 结构,提供针对您的需求量身定制的解决方案。他们是提供对冲、风险管理和敞口风险监控工具的一站式服务提供商,帮助您应对波动的市场。


Arcadia 专门的团队由经验丰富的销售和结构专业人士组成,他们拥有实体市场专业背景,并结合了金融市场的经验。他们的定制结构根据您的业务需求和保证金预期进行制定。客户免除了通过实物交易来实现对冲的义务。相反,他们与客户密切合作,提供咨询服务,并在提供建议和融资的同时,在完整的风险管理生命周期中进行合作。

如需与他们合作和了解更多信息,请访问 www.arcadia-agri.com 

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